Monday, September 22, 2008

'65 turns 65!

Kay, Wayne, and Peggy.
Kay had to work (booooo!) Bob and Peggy picked up Wayne to go to the birthday party in Los Altos at DJ and Raph's.

DJ, Barbara, Peggy and Estrellita: Some are already 65 and some are almost there!

The outrageously delicious birthday cake. We missed Sharon and Kay but didn't waste their cake!

Mills men of the Class of 1965: Bruce, Ralph, Wayne, Raleigh, and Bob. TODAY was Raleigh's actual 65th birthday!

Birthday near the river

[Trying to post of picture here but not having much luck. will try again later...]

Joyce took us to Scott's on the river in Sacramento to celebrate Eldon's birthday. It was a perfect day for an outdoor lunch. A delicious lunch it was. J&E are heading for Lake Tahoe on Tuesday to celebrate on the actual day.

BTW, Joyce is also a Frates great grandchild along with Bill, Dorothy, and Alice (see previous post!)

Eldon had a great birthday cake to celebrate his entrance into the septuagenarian decade: Molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on one side and pouring custard with raspberries on the other edge. Don't wait for a birthday to have this treat!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Frates Genealogy

Molly and Jerry

Bill (Jr), Alice, Peggy, Bill, Dorothy, and Cindy.

We spent the afternoon and evening poring over books and lists and charts of Frates and Lawrence ancestors. My 2nd cousin, Cindy, came from Paradise to Bill and Dorothy's in Auburn, CA. Alice, Cindy's aunt, was there from Grass Valley. Bill (Jr) was there from Seattle.
Bill, Dorothy, and Alice are Frates great grandchildren. Cindy, Bill Jr, Jerry, and I are Frates 2nd cousins. Molly is Jerry's daughter and our 2nd cousin once removed. Genealogy can be so mysterious and so much fun. We think we pieced together the relationship of those 5 Bettencourt boys who were raised by Tom and Mary Lawrence Frates. They were really Cardoza children of Mary Lawrence Frates' sister, Nellie Lawrence, and her first husband, Mr. Cardoza. Maybe you had to be there to see how the puzzle came together. We had a lot of laughs; plenty of entertaining stories; and a delicious chicken dinner that Bill Jr made and Dorothy topped off with her lemon meringue pies. Oh, such a happy day! It was terrific to meet Cindy--after several months of exchanging email. Now that Cindy has the Nellie connection figured out she's starting on Annie Lawrence. She just doesn't quit! Perseverance is an essential virtue for a genealogist!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Polina & Ksusha at the lake

Ksusha checking the wifi connection at the lake.
Polina tries her hand at chocolate chip cookies. She's got the right touch!
Heading back to the city with bicycles.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Table for the lake

Last fall, our California friend, Bob W, took on the project of making a round table for our lake place. He called a few weeks ago to let us know that the table was to be shipped around the middle of May. The van driver called to say he would be at our front door around noon today. He was right on time!
Van door open to disgorge the new table
Xavier, Bob, and Xavier's son with the table transferred to the pickup truck. We headed to the lake to deliver it.
Bob and Peggy trying out the new table that our friend Bob W made for us.
Kyle showing the table in its "window" position.
Kyle with computer stuff testing the new table. We are looking forward to using it and enjoying it. Hate to cover it with a cloth as it is so pretty all by itself.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Grand View Lodge with F&B

Tom, Ann, and Marcia starting the bicycle tour.

The group as it starts the trail to Nisswa and beyond.

Peggy gets as far as Nisswa.

Bob, Peggy and Deb take a break at Nisswa.

Vehicles for the younger set!

John and Linda start grandparent practice.

Jane and Judy at Gull Lake shore

Tom, Bob, Mary, and Ray

Tom and Peggy

Sue and Tom

John enjoying the sunset

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Day trips, Elena, Pontoon sights

Lots of activity on this Sunday. After breakfast, Kyle and John went to Stout's Lodge for a croquet match. It's an annual event and we were glad they managed a couple of days at the lake before Stout's.

Here's Kyle in her "whites" for the croquet match. As Kyle and John left for Stout's at Red Cedar Lake, Peggy went to Minneapolis for a baby shower for Libby and her new daughter, Elena.  Bob enjoyed a quiet Sunday by himself.
Libby and her sweet Elena.

Grandma Nancy enjoys holding Elena.

Liz came to the shower too.
Libby and Aunt Ana can't contain their grins about Elena.

Peggy returned to the lake in time for a pontoon ride. As we entered North Pipe Lake, we watched Tom guide the pontoon back to its dock while Joan, Camllia, Joan and Reid were at the ready.
When we returned to our dock, we sat for while to watch the reflection of the setting sun. We were so happy to see the loons so nearby.

Then we heard a commotion behind us and saw the heron at the bow of the pontoon. Peggy's flash signaled its hasty departure. Away it flew.
Dinner on the screen porch ended this busy day.

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

First pontoon cruise this year

When we jumped into the pontoon to take the first cruise of the season, we discovered the battery was quite dead.  Bob went into town to get a new one.

Kyle soaked in the hot tub and read a book while Bob got the new battery installed.

John and Kyle enjoy the ride in beautiful weather.

We went to the other  side of the lake to pick up Christian and his Poppo and Mommo.  Christian helped Bob at the helm.  He did a good job!

At the south end of the lake we checked out this beaver lodge.  It's big.

Christian helped secure the pontoon so that Jan and Ellen could disembark. Christian is enjoying his stay at Pipe Lake and doesn't seem to miss his siblings too much.

Ellen and Kyle sharing some laughs.

Christian working the lines.

Arriving back at the dock.

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